2013 Scholarship Winners

2013 Scholarship Award Winners


KATI TUMA  is from Casper Wyoming.  She attends Red Rocks PA Program and St Francis University to achieve her Master’s Degree in PA studies.  She will graduate in the fall of 2013.  She is a student member of WAPA.   She will be returning to Casper to seek employment.  Prior to PA school she worked in a number of clinical settings including a medical technologist and a medical assistant. She has been praised by both instructors and preceptors alike as having special leadership qualities, which are admired by her peers.


ERICA COSTELLO is just beginning her PA education.  She is attending Red Rocks Community College and St Francis University.  Raised in California, she has made Wyoming her home and plans to return to Wyoming after graduation.   She has her BS in Biology and has worked in a number of clinical settings and managerial positions.  After recovery from extensive surgery, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in medicine, specifically to become a PA.  She has a son who is also going to attend college in the fall.