2016 Scholarship Winners

2016 Scholarship Award Winners



Randi is currently attending the Idaho State University PA Program and graduates in 2017. She grew up in Afton Wyoming. She has volunteered her time as an undergraduate teaching assistant, has organized cards for elderly widows at a Utah Care Center, has been an Honor Society member and President, has organized programs for disabled youth, underprivileged children, fundraising for Haiti through the Red Cross, contributed to a community service carnival in Utah, and has volunteered 10.5 hours of her time in direct patient care in the Pocatello Free Clinic. She has worked many community service jobs, ranging from Teaching Assistant, Physical Therapy Aid Assistant, USDA Research Assistant, and Wildland Firefighter. Her long-term goals are to commit to lifelong learning and teaching by being a Physician Assistant in her community and to help improve the lives of others around her. She has expressed a desire to return to Wyoming to practice once she graduates.

Randi’s consistent lifelong commitment to community service and enthusiasm for teaching and helping others were the most notable attributes in her references for this scholarship.



Joseph is currently attending the University of Colorado PA Program and graduates in 2017. He is a Student WAPA member. He grew up in Burlington, Wyoming, and is the oldest of six brothers and sisters. He has volunteered his time as an undergraduate teaching assistant, has been an Honor Society member, a Hathaway Scholar, an Eagle Scout, and has participated in a religious Mission Service in Mexico City for two years. His dedication to rural communities is shown in his employment history where he has worked as a paramedical examiner and a farm hand for 6 summers.

He currently is the Co-President of the Rural Track of the PA Program at the University of Colorado which will provide Joseph with additional didactic and clinical skills necessary to return to a rural setting in Wyoming. His long-term goal after graduation is to return to a rural community as their physician assistant.

Joseph’s friendly, enthusiastic, easy going personality and commitment to dedicating his life to serving a rural community in Wyoming were most notable attributes in his references for this scholarship.