President's Message

2016 gave the Wyoming Association of PAs the opportunity, not only to celebrate the organization’s 40th anniversary, but also to honor the efforts of so many PAs who have pioneered the profession into the state. These men and women have worked diligently to foster the relationships we have throughout the state and nation, with physicians, legislators and representative governing bodies such as the Wyoming Board of Medicine and Wyoming Medical Society, as well as with national professional representative organizations.

We proudly acknowledge that we are the beneficiaries of their leadership and service in Wyoming, which has afforded us a great environment to practice as PAs.

As we visited with many of the 100 or so PAs first licensed in the state, we learned of the efforts to advance the understanding of the PA profession and training. This, in turn, has developed the ability of PAs to practice throughout the state ­ be it in family practice, rural medicine, or in the many specialties where PAs have made themselves integral to healthcare practice. Indeed, over and over, these pioneers of PA practice in Wyoming expressed their desire to “work hard and to make PAs invaluable to the practice of medicine.”

We, as the WAPA Board of Directors, embrace that challenge and are committed to carry on in the great work of PAs and engage the effort to represent all of Wyoming’s PAs.

As healthcare and the practice of medicine continue to evolve, we believe that PAs are ideally suited and positioned to be at the forefront of patient care. In order to facilitate this professional position and progress, we must continue to work hard, develop valuable professional relationships and collaborations, and support effective regulations and non­restrictive legislation that allows PAs access to the full scope of their practice and training.

Just as we acknowledge the many that have gone before us, we recognize many of the great things Wyoming PAs are doing throughout the state to advance our profession and role in the healthcare of the future. Wyoming provides wide variety of practice opportunities for PAs. For us to best represent you and your specific practice needs, we need your input. We invite you to reach out to the WAPA Board of Directors with your practice needs, questions and concerns. There are many opportunities to lead, serve and advance our great profession and help improve healthcare. We encourage you to contact us and get involved.

Chad Sundquist PA-C
WAPA President
Casper, Wyoming