2015 WAPA Conference Track

June 5
Al Shear, PA-C - Rural Health Aids
Bradley Hanebrink, DO - Clearing the Preoperative Patient
Cathy Judd, PA-C - ER/LA Opioid REMS: Achieving Safe Use While Improving Patient Care
Robert Tobin, MD - Look, Listen: the Quiet Symptoms of Malignancy
North Platte Physical Therapy - Dry Needling and Back Pain

2014 Conference Talks & Handouts

July 17
Berton Toews, MD - Buprenorphine
Harlan Ribnik, MD - The Pain Perception System - A&P and Treatment
Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy - Prescription Drug Abuse in Wyoming
David Marterano, MD - Compassionate and Appropriate Use of Narcotics with Co-Appearing Substance Abuse
Gail Enyert, CNP - Pallative Care and End of Life Pain Management
Joyce Neiman, PA-C - Quality Measures

July 18
Todd Erickson, PA-C - Headaches, Yours, Mine and Ours
Steve Melia, MSPH - A Provider's Guide to Radon
Frank Del Real, MD - Recognizing the Transition from Pain Management to Addiction

July 19
Doug Hornberger, PA-C - A Clinical Approach to Peripheral Neuropathy

2013 Conference Talks & Handouts

NCCPA Recertification Guideline